Review: The Wife features an unforgettable performance from Glenn Close

Glenn Close is master and commander from go to whoa in The Wife - her voice is resonant, powerful and entirely unforgettable.

She plays the wife of an acclaimed American author - so acclaimed in fact they journey to Stockholm, where he is to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. 

Joe is treated like royalty, and in return is both magnanimous and serenely arrogant in the same breath. 

But as the family navigates all their very public Nobel duties, in private the wheels are slowly coming off.  

Biographer Nathaniel Bone (Christian Slater) has followed them, sniffing out a far bigger story than the Castlemans could ever imagine.

A seemingly simple premise, this story has an immediate nourishing depth - kindred seas rich in dark and surging undercurrents of jealousy, inadequacy, rage and deception. 

The reveals are measured and deliberate, each note delivered with intent, as Joan's very public life as the dutiful wife is peeled back before our eyes, nothing as we might expect.

If you like your stories told sparingly, the small moments mined for maximum impact, then The Wife will more than fit the bill. Close is magnificent, and here she has a big-screen vehicle that perfectly showcases that. 

Four stars.