Sacha Baron Cohen gets former US sheriff to agree to sex act with Donald Trump

Sacha Baron Cohen gets former US sheriff to agree to sex act with Donald Trump
Photo credit: Showtime

Sacha Baron Cohen's latest stunt on his show Who Is America? sees him adopt a new YouTube persona and set his sights on former US sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Appearing as Finnish vlogger OMGWhizzBoyOMG, Cohen parodied the YouTube trend of unboxing toys with Arpaio, while talking guns, politics and even sexual encounters with the president.

Former Arizona sheriff Arpaio was known as "America's Toughest Sheriff". He once referred to the "tent city" used to hold immigrants in his prison as his own "concentration camp."

In the clip, Arpaio schools Shopkin toy called D'lish Donut on the importance of the second amendment, before calling US President Donald Trump "a great man."

When Cohen used the guise of English as second language to ask Arpaio if he would accept an "amazing blow job" from Trump, the sheriff responded, "I may have to say yes."

Trump controversially pardoned Arpaio last year for his conviction of criminal contempt of court.

The former law enforcement officer has been accused of a long rap sheet of police misconduct, including abuse of power, failure to investigate sex crimes, and racial profiling.

"If he sees this, and the way you're speaking, he's going to like you, because you think like he thinks," Arpaio told Cohen during the segment.

Last month, Aripaio said he realised he had been duped by Cohen after seeing fellow conservatives Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin speak out about their faux interviews.

A spokesperson for the former sheriff said in a press statement "we're not mad about it, it's comedy," claiming Arpaio couldn't understand Cohen during the prank.