Scribe accused of 'scamming' teen fan out of $750

A Wellington teen claims he was scammed out of $750 by rapper Scribe, who agreed to perform at his birthday party - despite being legally bound to a 24-hour bail curfew.

Zaman Lewis, 19, contacted Newshub after reading that Scribe - real name Malo Ioane Luafutu - was arrested for breaching bail last week and remanded in custody for the next month.

Lewis says he booked Scribe, who he looked up to as "an idol", to play a private show in Featherston on September 15 via email.

"That date is free so no problems there," reads the email, which Lewis has supplied Newshub.

"The fee is $3k in cash on night of event."

Lewis, who is an aspiring promoter and hip-hop artist himself, said was aware Scribe had legal troubles in the past, but believed they were behind him.

He transferred the 'Not Many' hitmaker a deposit of $750 at his request.

Kiwi rapper Scribe.
Kiwi rapper Scribe. Photo credit: Newshub.

"Upon receiving your confirmation deposit, this legally binds our agreement, and more importantly finalises your event date and scheduled live Scribe performance," an email from Scribe stated.

"Please we urge to confirm with us ASAP to avoid disappointment [sic]."

Lewis says after he sent proof of the bank transfer to the rapper, all contact ceased.

"I had a little bit of suspicion because I hadn't heard from him," Lewis said.

"I still trusted him though, thinking 'maybe he's busy'."

However, that trust vanished when he saw Scribe making news headlines again.

"It got to a week - I didn't hear anything, his phone was off, and then I saw the article," Lewis said.

"I was like, 'damn'... he would have been lying, it's probably a scam."

The event would have seen Scribe perform in a private venue to 150 - 300 of Lewis' friends, many of whom had been "chipping in" to raise the necessary funds.

Zaman Lewis.
Zaman Lewis. Photo credit: Supplied

Lewis had also agreed to organise accommodation in Featherston and return flights from Scribe's hometown of Christchurch at his own expense.

The Whitirea music student says he's been a fan of Scribe since he was a child, and was "really excited" to book him for the event.

"I've been going around telling everyone. They were like, 'no way, you've got Scribe onboard? How did you do that?'"

Lewis says he will go ahead with his birthday party regardless, but he's been left shocked by the revelation.

"To let a fan down like that, it's disappointing," he said.

On Wednesday, the Christchurch District Court heard that Scribe was already on a final warning having already breached bail by travelling to perform at a Motueka concert.

The 'Stand Up' rapper is expected to be sentenced for a methamphetamine possession charge next month. He is also facing a number of domestic violence charges.

Scribe's lawyer has been approached by Newshub for comment.


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