Stormy Daniels says Donald Trump only lasted 'two minutes' in bed

  • 29/08/2018

Porn star Stormy Daniels has divulged more about a sexual encounter she says she had with US President Donald Trump in an unflinching Vogue magazine profile.

When questioned by reporter Amy Chozick for details about the 2006 incident, Daniels replied, "How many details can you really give about two minutes?"


"Maybe [two minutes]," she continued. "I'm being generous."

Daniels went on to explain that she had visited Trump's hotel suite due to "morbid curiosity", and that he had asked her "good" questions about the adult entertainment industry.

The Slave to Love star claims she went to the bathroom, and returned to find Trump "in his underwear and his shirt".

"He was like, 'Heeey...' and I was like..." she added, rolling her eyes, writes Chozick.

Despite her apparent reservations about Trump as a sexual partner, Daniels insisted she was not coerced into any activity by the President, and never felt like she was in "physical danger".

"I'm sure if I would've taken off running, he wouldn't have given chase," she said.

"And even if I had, there's no way he could've caught me.

"He's even less likely to catch me now," she added.

Earlier this month, Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations - admitting he made a hush-money payment to Daniels on The Apprentice star's behalf.

The current US President has repeatedly denied having an extra marital affair with Daniels.