Taika Waititi returns as Korg in new promo for Marvel mobile game Contest of Champions

Taika Waititi has delighted fans by reprising his role as Kronan warrior Korg in a new motion comic for Marvel's mobile game Contest of Champions

Korg is flanked by his side-kick Miek, who Thor: Ragnarok fans will also remember from the Kiwi director's blockbuster film.

In the clip, the loveable, self-described "pile of rocks" takes a roll call at a committee meeting for the "Revolution 2.0", before introducing players to some of the game's newest characters. 

The new additions include Captain America's nemesis Red Skull, along with Bifrost bridge guard Heimdall, both of whom Korg remarks on with his trademark sense of humour.

He worries that Red Skull may have gotten "too much sun", adding that the group doesn't judge its members because it's an "equal opportunities revolution".

Waititi called his return to the role of Korg "a treat" on social media, prompting his followers to wonder when the scene-stealing character would make another appearance.

"Korg needs his own franchise," one fan wrote.

"Hmmm... will this be the only time you portray Korg again? I hope not!" said another.

Last year, Waititi addressed rumours of a Korg and Meik spin-off, telling Fandango: "We were talking about doing a little spin-off".

"One of these One-Shot short films... like [the characters] just going shopping and things," he said.