The best movie franchises ever, according to critics

The top 25 film franchises of all time, according to Metacritic.
Photo credit: Warner Bros / Lucasfilm / Marvel

Metacritic has released a list of the highest-rated movie franchises of all time, according to critical reviews.

Mad Max has topped the list, followed by Middle-earth in second place and Harry Potter in third.

Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hunger Games and Mission: Impossible also made the top 10.

The lowest-ranked franchise in the list is Highlander, at number 66, while Underworld, Resident Evil, Death Wish and Transformers are also in the bottom 10.

To create the list, Metacritic calculated the average 'Metascore' for each film in a franchise and ranked them. A Metascore is found by averaging the reviews by major critics, which are each converted to a percentage format.

However, horror franchises have been omitted from the list (they're getting their own one later), as have animated films.

The top 25 movie franchises according to Metacritic are as follows:


1. Mad Max

2. Middle-earth (Lord Of The Rings/Hobbit)

3. Harry Potter/Wizarding World

4. Mission: Impossible

5. Star Wars

6. Bourne

7. Marvel Cinematic Universe

tie/8. The Hunger Games

tie/8. Millennium Series

10. Indiana Jones

11. Spider-Man

12. The Muppets

13. Ocean's Eleven

14. X-Men

15. Star Trek

tie/16. Hannibal Lecter

tie/16. Planet of the Apes

tie/16. Terminator

19. Batman

20. James Bond

21. Barbershop

22. Rocky

23. Dirty Harry

24. View Askewniverse (Jay & Silent Bob)

25. Jack Ryan

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