The quest for the 'idiot' who showered in a Rotorua car wash

Guy Williams has tracked down the man who was infamously caught showering in a Rotorua car wash earlier this month.

The comedian featured in a segment on Three's Jono and Ben, in which he united the woman who filmed the clip with the previously unknown man who featured in it.

Local woman Malo Harris posted the video of the unconventional washing routine to Facebook at the start of August. She filmed it as she drove through a local Mobil petrol station.

The man can be seen bending forward over the hood of a car, completely naked. Loud yells can be heard as his bare body is pelted by the large rotating brushes.

"Only in Rotorua," Ms Harris can be heard saying. "Up to bro? You're on crack. What a f**king idiot."

The video, which has now been removed from Facebook, was a huge viral success, having been viewed more than 400,000 times in 24 hours and being covered by media outlets.

Watch the full Jono and Ben video above.