'We all make mistakes' - Married At First Sight NZ stars mark one year wedding anniversaries

One year on from their weddings to strangers on national television, the contestants from Married At First Sight NZ are taking to social media to reflect on their nuptials.

The reality TV series was rife with drama, with Brett and Angel being the only couple to stay together and stand the test of time.

Angel celebrated the couple's one year anniversary early, sharing a photo of husband Brett on Instagram along with the words "363 days with you", along with a love heart.

'We all make mistakes' - Married At First Sight NZ stars mark one year wedding anniversaries
Photo credit: Instagram/Angel Star Heron

Brett echoed the sentiment with a cheeky reference his role as his wife's social media photographer.

"Nearly been a husband of the gram for a year and it's been bloody ripper fun," he captioned a selfie with Angel in the background.

Things weren't quite as peachy between Lacey and Luke, who had a brutal, relationship-ending argument - on camera - not long after they wed.

Luke took to Instagram to post an awkard photo of his wedding to Lacey, who he's still legally married to.

"Wanted to say a massive congrats to my wife, lasting an entire year married to me can't be an easy feat. Happy wedding anniversary!" he wrote, followed by some harsh hash-tagging.

"#baddescisions #weallmakemistakes #oopsy," he wrote.

Lacey had her own angle on the marriage, shining the spotlight on her dad as her hero on her wedding day.

"365 days ago at this exact time. A MAN stole my heart, a little more," she captioned a video of her first dance with her father.

She went on to recall how her dad warned against "hurting his little girl" in his speech, and mentioned he had a gun.

Lacey concluded with a few hash tags of her own, adding "#youchoosethememoriesyoukeep #wheresyourgun".

Andrew, who was spurned by wife Vicky and went on to become embroiled in a text message scandal, reminisced about his Waiheke Island honeymoon on social media.

"I'm on Waiheke this week, I think I was here the same time last year but on different terms - getting all honey mooned up," he wrote.

"Now I'm here building and cruising around in a 2005 Bentley."

Haydn and Bel had an on-again/off-again relationship during the show, but things fell apart after Haydn and Vicky were caught secretly messaging each other. 

The teacher and fitness junkie posted a photo captioned "just 3 married people having a rare night out" with radio host Jay Jay Feeny - now separated from husband Dom Harvey - and fellow contestant Ben, who left his husband Aaron broken-hearted.

The second season of Married At First Sight NZ is due to return to Three later this year.


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