YouTube bans horror movie The Nun ad for being too scary

A video advertisement for upcoming horror movie The Nun has been pulled from YouTube for violating the service's "shocking content policy".

The film is the latest spin-off from The Conjuring franchise, and will tell the origin story of the demonic spirit that eventually tormented ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren in previous films.

YouTube has banned a six second pre-roll ad for the film which showed a volume control icon being turned down to mute, before a startling image of the evil nun's face flashes on screen accompanied by a loud scream.

The jump scare proved too terrifying for some viewers - one tweet complaining about the video and warning others about it quickly racked up over 100,000 retweets.

"Appreciate you bringing this to our attention! This ad violates our shocking content policy and it's no longer running as an ad," the official YouTube Twitter account responded.

The Nun is the story of a Catholic priest and a novice investigating a nun's suicide at the Cârța Monastery in 1952 Romania.

It's set for release in New Zealand cinemas on September 9.