Amy and Stu crowned winners of The Block NZ 2018

Gisborne couple Amy and Stu have been crowned winners of The Block NZ, with their house selling for $1,009,500 - $69,500 above their house's reserve.

It was the only house to earn more than $1 million, and sees them take home an additional $100,000 on top of the sum above their reserve.

The 'Gizzy Hard' couple were at the centre of a lot of this season's drama, including some fierce arguments. But as it all comes to an end, they say there's no hard feelings.

"We went in there just hoping that everyone made some money - everyone did and I think that was amazing," Amy told Newshub following her win. 

"We're all friends and it's a pretty extraordinary thing to do - there's not many people in the world who can say that they survived The Block. We all did the work and made some money and I think that's an awesome result. "

Stu added: "It was a great journey and a great finish - I'd do it again tomorrow!"

Amy and Stu were stunned with the win for a while after the hammer came down.

"I feel really weird - like a nothingness. I'm still waiting, I'm still processing. I'll probably start screaming in about seven minutes," said Amy.

The couple won the People's Choice Award, after claiming the audience-voted Room of the Week many times.

Clearly, they struck a chord with Kiwi viewers - and they reckon they know why.

"I don't think we were fake or arrogant. We just worked hard," said Stu.

"From day one I felt like we had something to prove because we were so much older," said Amy.

The couple are walking away with nearly $170,000 - and they have slightly different ideas on how it'll be spent.

"I might buy a few dirty old [Holden] Monaros and do them up," said Stu. "I'm sure I can import some from Aussie."

"No! There'll be no car buying," said Amy. "No cars, no boats, we'll take our kids on holiday because they deserve it. That's priority one."

Amy did say she is keen to get into more renovations, however.

"Look out Gizzy shops!"

After Amy and Stu, Ben and Tom came in second place, with their home selling for $987,000 - that sees them go home with $57,000.

The results:

  • Amy and Stu: sold for $1,009,500, made $169,500.
  • Tom and Ben: sold for $987,000, made $57,000.
  • Claire and Agne: sold for $950,000, made $30,000
  • Chlo and Em: sold for $921,500, made $11,500.