Auckland band Daffodils to release new single

Auckland band Daffodils is releasing their latest single 'A Leo Underwater' on Thursday this week.

The four-piece band have come through the Smokefree Rockquest and continue to pursue their musical talents, juggling work and study.

Their latest single is about feeling disconnected and losing contact with people, guitarist and vocalist Theo Spike Salmon said.

"The basis of it is around everything being muffled when you're underwater."

Salmon, alongside Isaac Keating on the drums and Louis Graham on the bass, have been playing music together since intermediate school. Jade Bryham on synth and keyboard joined the band two years ago.

They came second at last year's Smokefree Rockquest, and now Daffodils are about to release their fourth single which will be on Spotify.

"Spotify and ITunes are a really important part of having your music out to people now, so that's sort of the only place you can find [our music] at the moment," said Salmon.

They are working with Kartel Music, which has also helped local bad Fat Freddy's Drop, to release the single - but it's unchartered waters for the group.

"All of this is kind of a first for us, so we're looking forward to seeing how it goes," Salmon said.

All of the latest developments come while they juggle rehearsing and performing.

Salmon and Keating are studying music at the University of Auckland, Graham is studying audio engineering, and Bryham is a high school student.

Daffodils will play an all-ages gig at Auckland's Tuning Fork on Thursday.