The Bachelor Australia's Tenille tearfully storms out of house after Romy's verbal assault

In the latest episode of The Bachelor Australia, Tenille became so upset she ran out of the mansion and broke down in sobs.

The 25-year-old flight attendant from Brisbane stormed out after being subjected to a fierce verbal grilling from the mean girl trio - Romy, Cat and Alisha.

According to Romy, Tenille had said she thought it was "gross" to kiss Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins on the first date after so many other women had, but then kissed him on their first single date together.

Tenille strongly denied she'd ever made such comments and they weren't shown in the TV show.

Romy, a 30-year-old photo shoot director also from Brisbane, refused to let it go and kept hounding Tenille as Cat and Alisha grinned at her side.

"Romy's having a go at me - I'm not here to date Romy and I'm sick of listening to her shit, so I'm going to pop up out of here and head off," Tenille said.

She frantically tried to take off her microphone as she took off out of the house.

"Seeya babe - don't come back," smiled Romy as a visibly upset Tenille stormed out.

"I have copped nothing but shit from those girls, coming home from a single date," Tenille cried.

"I have been nothing but f**king nice to them every time they've gone on one... I'm not f**king having it!"

A female producer pursued her off the mansion grounds, calling her babe and asking her to talk about what happened - while warning of the dangers of walking in darkened areas.

Tenille became more upset as cameras kept filming her when she clearly didn't want them to, eventually stopping and sobbing to the producer, saying: "I just can't handle it!"

The Bachelor Australia screens in New Zealand on Bravo at 8:30pm every Tuesday and Wednesday. It can also be viewed on ThreeNow.


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