Bill Bailey on paddleboarding, comedy and the number seven

Funnyman Bill Bailey has brought his latest stand-up tour down under.

But the show isn't the only thing he packed into his suitcase - he's also carrying another special set of skills, setting aside a little time to share some tips with Newshub about paddleboarding.

"Loosen up, shake it out, but the pro-tip is to stretch and keep the paddle vertical," he said.

Bailey probably doesn't spring to mind at the mention of paddle boarding, but picture this: the comedian, in a Santa suit, paddling down the River Thames. Yes, that actually happened.

"A large section of the Thames is actually a wall so I would just glide past at eye level with a Santa hat on just waving at people," he said.

But wait, this story is meant to be about a comedy show right? So forget the paddleboarding for a second and let's just talk about stand-up.

The Earl of Whimsy is a comedy tour featuring tales of Britain's fortunes both past and present. It wouldn't be a Bill Bailey show without music forming part of his repertoire.

"I've got a Chinese gourd flute, a mandola and a Bible guitar, so quite a range of stuff," he said.

If that doesn't sell it, then his time playing Manny in popular sitcom Black Books just might, or the fact Bailey was voted the seventh best comedian of all time by Britain's Channel 4. Although the comedian admits he's not entirely convinced by the numbers.

"Seventh must be a thing for me. I was voted seventh-most intelligent person on TV in Britain by the readers of Radio Times Magazine," he said.

"But unfortunately number six was Lisa Simpson, who is a fictitious cartoon character."

But seven must be his thing because he's performing at as many locations across the country. Tickets can be bought from his website.