Fans have decided the Eminem-Machine Gun Kelly feud victor


Despite global attention for his feud with Eminem, Machine Gun Kelly's (MGK) latest album has failed to lift off with fans - and the fight may have actually hurt his popularity.

The hugely publicised beef between MGK and Eminem has seen several diss tracks from both artists and MGK go from a little-known rapper to a part of the biggest feud of the year.

But it looks like all the attention has done little for MGK's album sales, with his newest EP Binge selling roughly only 22,000 total album equivalent units (including online) in its first week.

That is far below the 51,000 sales of his debut album Lace Up and 57,000 for his latest effort in 2017.

Compare that to Eminem's newest album Kamikaze, which sold roughly 430,000 total album equivalents in its first week.

It seems fan have decided Eminem, an Academy Award and Grammy-winning artist, remains the rap god.


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