Flight of the Conchords school Stephen Colbert on New Zealand ahead of Jacinda Ardern interview

Flight of the Conchords school Stephen Colbert on New Zealand ahead of Jacinda Ardern interview
Photo credit: The Late Show

New Zealand musical duo Flight of the Conchords has appeared on Stephen Colbert's The Late Show to premiere a new song and teach the host about New Zealand ahead of an interview with Jacinda Ardern.

The pair spoke to Colbert a day before Ms Ardern's appearance on the show and used their air time to personally ask to visit the Prime Minister for dinner.

Bret McKenzie and Jermaine Clement explained to Colbert that not everyone in New Zealand is able to meet the PM, and he was very lucky to get the chance.

They then looked directly into the camera to ask Ms Ardern for an invite.

"Hey Jacinda, we have an important question for you," they said. "Can we come for dinner?"

Conversation then turned to Premiere House, with Colbert asking about where the PM lives and if it's somewhere similar to the White House or Number 10 Downing St.

McKenzie pointed out that while New Zealand does have an official residence that Ms Ardern lives in, it doesn't quite have the grand history of the White House.

"It used to be a preschool," McKenzie said. "My brother went there for preschool...  and then they turned it into the Prime Minister's house."

The Government purchased Premier House as the Prime Minister's official residence in the late 1890s, but politicians abandoned the building in 1935, turning it into a dental clinic.

It wasn't used as an official residence again until it was restored in 1990 and Sir Geoffrey Palmer moved in.

McKenzie and Clement then performed an unrecorded song entitled 'Father and Son', which will feature on their upcoming HBO special.

The song centres on a conversation between a father and his son after what they called a great day together.

Initially it sounds like a sweet conversation between the pair, but things take a dark turn after the boy's mother and a man named Trevor are mentioned.