George Zimmerman threatened to feed Beyoncé, Jay-Z to an alligator

George Zimmerman allegedly threatened power couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé.
George Zimmerman allegedly threatened power couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Photo credit: Getty/AAP

The man who killed Trayvon Martin isn't happy about a new documentary about the teenager's death, allegedly threatening to feed the celebrities behind it to an alligator.

George Zimmerman fatally shot the unarmed 17-year-old in 2012 as he walked home from a Florida convenience store. He was acquitted of second-hand murder and manslaughter the following year, prompting nationwide protests.

Music mogul Jay-Z produced a documentary series about the shooting victim's life and death called Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story, which premiered in July.

Zimmerman was so incensed by the docuseries that he has allegedly threatened both the producer and his famous wife Beyoncé.

In text messages sent to a private investigator which were later obtained by celebrity news website The Blast, Zimmerman insulted the couple for their involvement in the series, and made a bizarre threat of violence.

"Tell Jay-Z he's a bitch and his wife is a broke whore," reads one leaked text.

"If I see either of them in my life, they'll find themselves inside a 13 foot gator."

Zimmerman allegedly sent the texts to Dennis Warren, an investigator hired by the Rest In Power team to track down potential participants for the docuseries.

He had already sent Mr Warren hundreds of aggressive messages and voicemail messages, and in May 2018 was charged with misdemeanour stalking.

The Blast reports that Zimmerman also sent similar texts to Michael Gasparro, who executive produced the series along with Jay-Z.

It's not the first time he's threatened Jay-Z over the documentary - and bizarrely, it's not even the first time he's threatened to feed him to an alligator.

In December 2017, Zimmerman told The Blast that the series producers were harassing his family for interviews.

"I know how to handle people who f**k with me - I have since February 2012," he said at the time.

"Anyone who f**ks with my parents will be fed to an alligator."


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