Halsey hits back at 'pathetic' MGK's sexual claims in Eminem, G-Eazy feuds

Singer-songwriter Halsey has responded to being dragged into Machine Gun Kelly's hip-hop feuds, labelling him "pathetic".

The 'Alone' hitmaker's former relationships have been mentioned by both Eminem and G-Eazy in diss tracks about Kelly, also known as MGK, as they feud with each other.

In a recent interview, MGK was asked if he "smashed" Halsey, to which he replied "absolutely".

She responded on Twitter with: "How *absolutely* pathetic".

Halsey posted an Instagram story in early July saying she and G-Eazy were "taking some time apart" after the couple had shared photos of their romance on social media for around a year.

Shortly thereafter, an old photo of her and MGK together at a beach was published online, which she tweeted was taken "about two years ago". Neither she nor MGK confirmed they were in a relationship around the time that photo was taken in March 2017.

MGK has not mentioned Halsey in his own diss tracks at the other rappers, but they've both suggested he's upset at the relationship she went on to have with G-Eazy.

In Eminem's 'Killshot', he claims MGK is "salty" because G-Eazy is having sex with Halsey. In G-Eazy's 'Bad Boy', he claims MGK would be "mad" that Halsey sang to him in their collaboration 'Him & I'.

On the Breakfast Club at US radio station Power 105.1FM last week, MGK was asked straight up about his relationship with Halsey.

"Did you really smash [G-Eazy's] girl?" asks Charlamagne tha God, in footage of the interview posted on YouTube.

"Yes! Many of them," responds MGK.

"Did you smash Halsey?" asks Charlamagne.

"Absolutely," responds MGK.

When told that Halsey is an "innocent victim" dragged into MGK's feuds, he agreed that it was "whack" that the other rappers had involved her, insisting he "didn't name no names".

He also clarified that the "smashing" that occurred was back "when she and I was rocking".