Husband and wife duo tour New Zealand with air-based circus show

Husband and wife duo Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone are taking the circus world by storm, and have brought their spectacular show to New Zealand.

Air Play combines elements of science and circus performance to pay homage to the power of air.

"We have comedy and visual poetry in the show, giant six foot balloons we climb inside, there are helium balloons I juggle inside my mouth, and there's a massive snow globe at the end," says Bloom. 

Ms Gelsone says the show was five years in the making and focuses on the magic of air.

"We have fabrics that fly up in the air 10m to 30m high, it's truly stunning."

There's no dialogue, just the universal language of music and movement, and unlike a conventional circus the pair perform without sequins, makeup and red noses. 

But what exactly is air sculpture?

"We start with an air sculptor and he has a circle of 16 fans. We can use those with so much power in them to fly pieces of fabric over the audience. We can use them to fly umbrellas, and create a storm scene," Mr Bloom says.

"We can use a piece of silk and make it look like a whale."

It's air-bending at its best, and just like the show, Mr Bloom and Ms Gelsone's backstory is truly magical. Ms Gelsone started as a ballet dancer and ran away with the circus, and Mr Bloom started out as a juggler.

"[I] realised later in life that I wanted to make people laugh without using any words," he said.

As travelling circus performers, Mr Bloom said the pair met in Afghanistan and fell in love.

"I have never heard of any other story like it, it's pretty crazy. It's weird that it's my own life, but it's what happened - honestly."

They got engaged in Scotland, and married in China. Ms Gelsone even wore a wedding dress made entirely out of white balloons.

"We were getting married at a clown festival in China, and alongside it was a balloon festival."

Keeping to theme, balloons are of course a big part of Air Play. The pair are now preparing to bounce around the country from the end of this month.

Performance dates and tickets can be found online.