Is the Eminem, MGK feud all staged? Here's the evidence

The feud of the year just keeps on getting crazier, with fans now insisting Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly's on-going beef is staged.

Academy Award-winner Eminem and 'Bad Things' rapper Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) having been hitting out at each other for the last couple of weeks.

Eminem's dissing of MGK on his new album Kamikaze followed a tweet in 2012 by MGK, where the rapper called Eminem's then 16-year-old daughter "hot as f**k".

That has been followed by a fiery back-and-forth, with MGK releasing diss track 'Rap Devil' in early September, calling Eminem a bully, and Eminem then releasing 'Killshot'.

'Killshot' went onto break the Youtube record for biggest hip-hop debut, with the song's video reaching more than 36 million views in 24 hours.

However, that success may be all part of a carefully orchestrated plan by Eminem and MGK's recording label. The pair both happen to be signed to Interscope.

Adding fuel to the fire is a screenshot of MGK's 'Rap Devil' on Soundcloud, showing the rapper privately uploaded the track in February - several months before the feud started.

Some fans have also been pointing to the fact that producer and artist Ronny Spence Jr - better known as Ronny J - is listed as a contributor on Eminem's song 'Not Alike', which sparked the feud, as well as MGK's retaliatory track 'Rap Devil'.

Social media users have made it clear they will be mad if they find out the on-going tensions have been staged.

In a lengthy interview with The Breakfast Club on US radio station Power 105.1FM, MGK conceded that Ronny J produced both his and Eminem tracks. But he said he "wished" the feud was fake, and insisted that he wrote and recorded 'Rap Devil' - and filmed the video - all within four hours.

Rapper Overtime certainly is, posting on Facebook that the beef is "fake".

He also suggested it was no coincidence that MGK released a new record boasting nine songs on Friday.


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