Jacinda Ardern flexes comedy muscles in hilarious Funny Girls suffrage skit

The Prime Minister has shown off her comedy chops in a hilarious skit about suffrage.

Jacinda Ardern stars alongside comedian Jackie Van Beek in a segment from Thursday's Funny Girls NZ Suffragette Special, written to commemorate the 125th anniversary of women winning the right to vote.

Van Beek appears in character as series producer Pauline, a woman with a manic grin and a tenuous understanding of New Zealand history.

After being introduced as Pauline's "very close personal friend", Ms Ardern explains that it's easy to take being able to vote for granted but "our grandmothers fought long and hard for that right".

"I for one absolutely adore voting," proclaims Pauline. "I'd vote for anyone. I'd vote for you, given half the chance!"

She then attempted to explain the story of Kate Sheppard and the fight for voting rights, but seemed to instead be reciting the plot of 2006 comedy She's The Man.

"Pauline, that's a film," Ms Ardern gently corrected.

"Maybe that is wrong, but here is a truth: Kate Sheppard punched Prime Minister Richard Seddon in the throat," Pauline says confidently.

"Also not true," says Ms Ardern.

Pauline ends the sketch by boasting that she has hired an all-female crew because "you don't have to pay them as much".

"You actually do - you definitely do," Ms Ardern replies.

It's not the first time the Prime Minister has appeared in a comedy video; earlier this year she made a cameo in Tourism NZ's 'Get NZ on the Map' campaign alongside Rhys Darby.

The Funny Girls NZ Suffragette Special airs tonight at 8:30 on Three.