Jacinda Ardern politely declines DJing at Bar 101's closing party

Hamilton's Bar 101 is set to close - and it's going out with a bang. Complete with $3 Vodka Cruisers and export beers, it's holding its final event on Saturday before shutting its doors for the final time.

Already 825 punters say they're going and 2500 are interested - far above the strict capacity of 400 people. But those lucky enough to attend the big party have narrowly missed out on something even better - Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

The world-famous beat junkie has a number of gigs as a DJ under her belt, including a slot at the 2014 Laneway Festival in Auckland where she played tracks by Sid Vicious, Snoop Dogg and the Smashing Pumpkins.

One bright spark had the cunning idea of inviting her to the send-off, and sent an email asking if she'd like to have a go on the DJ decks.

After their plea was posted to social media, Newshub contacted the Prime Minister's office, which confirmed the authenticity of the email. The exchanged is listed below, with identifying information removed.

Jacinda Ardern politely declines DJing at Bar 101's closing party

"Dear Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern. I understand you are very probably very busy running the country, and doing a great job of it by the way, but I have a request I'd like to ask," their missive begins.

"I've noticed a lot of articles that say that you used to DJ a bit, such as at the Laneway Festival. You may or may not have noticed that in your old stomping ground of H-Town, the beloved student bar Bar101 is closing down, with a closing down party on the 15th of September.

"Many of us lament this loss, as Bar101 was a crucial part of a night on the town with their cheaper-than-outback-bar shots.

"So I have the idea that as a final send off to the (in)famous Bar101 Hamilton, that you could reprise your DJ role one last time, as a token of appreciation to all the Waikato Uni students who have spent may an hour in the establishment."

Unfortunately, the Prime Minister couldn't make it, and her office sent a gracious letter explaining why.

"Thank you for your request for the Prime Minister to come DJ at the Bar101 closing down party," they replied.

"Unfortunately due to her extremely busy schedule as PM, she must decline your kind invitation to reprise her DJ abilities at the closing down party. Thank you again for the invitation and hope you have a great evening."

A screenshot of the reply was posted to Reddit, where it drew some classic Kiwi humour.

"That's the problem when your mates have kids. They don't wanna come out and party anymore," one person commented.