As it happened: The Block NZ 2018 final episode

Tonight a dramatic season of The Block NZ came to a close.

All the blood, sweat and tears were worth it for Gisborne couple Amy and Stu, who came out on top winning $169,500

Catch up with how the auctions unfolded below.

As it happened: 

The results:

  • Amy and Stu: sold for $1,009,500, made $169,500.
  • Tom and Ben: sold for $987,000, made $57,000.
  • Claire and Agne: sold for $950,000, made $30,000
  • Chlo and Em: sold for $921,500, made $11,500. 

8:38pm: "Thank you to everyone - this has been so amazing. We're super proud," says Amy.

Mark and Shelly take turns complimenting Stu and Amy, who have won an extra $100,000 on top of their $69,500 from auciton, and then it all comes to an end.

8:32pm: Sold for $921,500 - making the girls a profit of $11,500.

They don't look disappointed - they say money couldn't buy the experience they've had.

8:29pm: The opening bid comes in at $920,000. 

There's a long stall after this first bid... which the auctioneer says is beyond reserve.

This is definitely the longest period between first and second bids tonight. It is a big opening bid, but still...

8:28pm: Mark apparently has refused to hug Em, but says he will if the girls win.

Em is stoked!

8:27pm: Mark Richardson grins broadly as he talks about how Em and Chlo "flirted their way through The Block". They don't seem offended, laughing and each taking turns at touching him on the arm.

The girls sure are loved up. In the look back at their season, they kiss the door of their house before moving in for a warm embrace with each other, both saying "I love you".

8:18pm: SOLD for $1,009,500. That gives the couple a profit of $69,500.

8:17pm: After a sneaky extra $500 bid, it's surpassed by $1,007,500. And that sneaky bid makes it! The top bid is sitting at $1,008,000 for a moment, before being raised to $1,009,000.

8:14pm: Amy and Stu came in as the favourites and the bids show that, quickly rising up to $1 million.

Someone sneaks it up to $1,002,000. After some encouragement, a bid comes in for $1,005,000.

8:13pm: "Gizzy's finest have come together to create an absolute masterpiece," the auctioneer says to excite buyers for Amy and Stu's house.

And the opening bid is $950,000!

8:09pm: We're back from the break and Claire says they're "feeling good".

"We're relaxed now it's over, and we're here to enjoy the rest of the night," Claire tells Shelly.

8:03pm: And it's SOLD! For $950,000 - making the couple $30,000.

8:01pm: After someone edges it up to $905,000, the bids start again. They quickly move up to $925,000 in increments of $5000 before someone comes over the top and goes straight to 950,000!

And the auctioneer confirms $950,000 is beyond the reserve.

7:59pm: "Vibrant in colour and in style," says the auctioneer of their house. A bid comes in at $850,000 to kick things off.

A bid comes in for $900,000 shortly therafter - then we hit a stall.

7:58pm: "This process has brought us a lot closer. It's been amazing because we've been hard on each other, we've been rude to each other..." says Claire.

"The Block is the biggest test of any relationship. And you know what? I wanna spend more time with Claire now," says Agni.

7:56pm: The boys are "very happy and real nervous still," Ben tells Shelly, just before Claire and Agni's auction is about to get underway. 

7:49pm: At $987,000 the auctioneer declares it's met its reserve, and he's pushing very hard to get it higher... but it doesn't work.

It's sold for $987,000, making the boys $57,000.

7:47pm: The bids slow down at $960k, causing Ben to perform some empassioned hand gestures, willing them to grow higher... and they do, moving up to $985,000.

"Take a risk - the boys did, it's working out for them," says the auctioneer.

7:45pm: "Yes this is the most comprehensively kitted out house on The Block," says the auctioneer as the boy's house goes under the hammer.

Bids come flying thick and fast, galloping up over $900,000 in less than a minute.

7:44pm: "You're a superstar... I couldn't have done it without you," Ben lovingly says while staring into Tom's eyes in a pre-recorded interview.

Here's hoping the couples on MAFS NZ have chemistry like that!

7:35pm: Ben and Tom have chosen to go first! The lads won the right to choose the auction order and have opted to have their home kick things off. They've specifically put Stu and Amy third, and worked the other two teams around them.

Chlo and Em cheer loudly when they find out they're going last, of course. 

7:28PM: Gizzy hard! Stu and Amy have won people's choice award! They get a brand new Suzuki S-Cross Prestige, along with the coveted golden hammer trophy.

7:26pm: Em confesses her love for Mark Richardson...AGAIN

7:22pm: The blooper reel reveals plenty of great 'behind the scenes' moments; from Stu playing with the vacuum like it was a gun, to Em and Chlo doing a classic 'pull-my-finger' fart gag.

7:17pm: The contestants seem unable to speak, which is probably fair as they're staring down the barrel of one of the biggest nights of their lives. Claire does manage to say that she and Agni were just "there to have fun" - which is reflected in their scores throughout the series…. 

7:05pm: The highlights package reveals just how much drama has centered on Amy and Stu - from arguing with Claire and Agni, to getting caught cheating… they've really caused some fireworks. 

7:01pm: Moments into the show, Stu is looking very Stu already - he's wearing a T-shirt instead of a shirt and flashing the metal horns. Agni's floral tie is a beautiful sight to behold.