Machine Gun Kelly booed off stage after Eminem diss - reports

Audience members who saw Machine Gun Kelly perform live over the weekend are taking to social media to disagree with his version of events, saying he was booed off stage for verbally attacking Eminem.

The 'Wild Boy' rapper was the support act for Fall Out Boy at an Orlando, Florida concert, where he yelled expletives about Eminem and performed part of his recent diss track 'Rap Devil'.

Kelly (MGK) then took to Instagram with a photo of himself giving the camera the finger at the gig, wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the cover art of 'Killshot' - the Eminem track released over the weekend aimed at him in return.

Many people in the crowd behind him are also raising middle fingers in the photos - but some Fall Out Boy fans have taken to social media to claim they didn't know the gesture would be directed at Eminem.

"You faked the photo, you performed a diss track when you could have performed any other of your 'hits' and then you said f**k Em!" said Twitter user @WaWaasi

"[Fall Out Boy] fans don't want part in your drama sir!"

MGK called out for tricking Fall Out Boy fans into giving Eminem the finger.
Photo credit: Instagram / machinegunkelly

"MGK got booooooed off stage for playing 'Rap Devil' at the Fall out boy concert," tweeted internet celebrity Keemstar.

Footage was also posted online apparently showing the crowd booing as MGK swore about Eminem onstage. However, other online posts claim that the booing was edited into the video.

What's clear in every video is that MGK only provides some of the vocals of the track live, most of which are played from recording instead.

Warning: Embedded video contains coarse language.

While MGK has taken to social media to claim Eminem "missed" with his diss track 'Killshot', along with various other disparaging comments about the older rapper, Eminem himself has not replied via social media.

The pair's feud appears to have started with a 2012 tweet from MGK that labelled Eminem's then 16-year-old daughter Haile "hot as f**k".

He made a few veiled barbs at the older rapper in songs and on social media since, but the beef exploded with a new ferocity after Eminem finally returned fire on his Kamikaze album, which was released on September 1 (NZ time).


Machine Gun Kelly with a man bun.
Photo credit: Reuters