Machine Gun Kelly slams Eminem, painstakingly explains feud to Breakfast Club

Machine Gun Kelly paintakingly explains Eminem feud to Breakfast Club Power 105.1.
Photo credit: Power 105.1 FM

Machine Gun Kelly has responded to Eminem's most recent diss track against him in a lengthy interview about the pair's feud, demanding the older rapper "shut the f**k up".

The 28-year-old Cleveland hip-hop star, also known as MGK, told the hosts of the Breakfast Club on US radio station Power 105.1FM that many of Eminem's claims about him are false.

MGK says 'Killshot', the Eminem diss track about him, was a six out of ten, and that his own track 'Rap Devil' was superior.

"'Killshot' was a leg shot. In 'Rap Devil', we're talking about facts - you want to talk about man buns? Answer the facts," says MGK.

"You want to talk about a hairstyle I wore for a movie?... I'm an actor, homie, how disconnected are you? You call me a mumble rapper? Oh my God."

In the interview, he wears a shearling coat open to reveal his naked chest underneath, and drinks tequila from a paper cup.

'Killshot' has become exceedingly popular, breaking records for a hip-hop track released on YouTube - but MGK says that's to be expected.

"Everyone wants to tune in - the legend just got punched in the mouth! Of course they're going to tune in, they want to go see Rocky's last movie."

Hip-hop fans interested in the feud are keenly awaiting a reply track from MGK to 'Killshot', but in a video of the interview he plays coy when asked if one is coming.

"I had a clip ready [to respond to with], I heard 'Killshot' and I put that shit back in the holster. I'm like, 'Oh, word, alright'. He called me a mumble rapper, dog," he says.

"When I heard ['Killshot'], the first thing I thought was, 'This shit is cheese'. But the artwork is fire. I thought that artwork was f**king awesome."

MGK, in fact, had the 'Killshot' artwork printed on a T-shirt which he then wore onstage while supporting Fall Out Boy at a concert in Florida on Sunday night (local time).

It depicts his face targeted by crosshairs and x marks over his eyes.

Asked if he was offended by Eminem saying he'd give an autographed Starter cap to his nine-year-old daughter Casie, MGK says he wasn't - and actually wants the cap for her.

MGK says he wrote, recorded and made the music video for 'Rap Devil' in four hours - refuting claims it had been produced months before its release. He says that rumour, along with others about the feud, are "unfair".

The 'Bad Things' hitmaker strongly denies that the feud has been staged to boost album sales and claims to have sold in excess of 20 million records before it even kicked off.

"The narrative is becoming a little unfair right now," he says.

"I'm in a boxing ring with one person. I came as one person... this audience is throwing banana peels while I'm fighting... you fake edited boos into a video of me performing 'Rap Devil'?

"You can't edit the narrative to be what it's not. I've even seen fake edited ghost writing credits, it's like, what are we doing?"

Warning: Embedded video below contains uncensored coarse language.

MGK concedes he was a huge fan of Eminem when he was younger and published several gushing tweets, desperately trying to meet his idol.

Differences between the two started in 2012 when MGK tweeted the older rapper's then-16-year-old daughter Hailie was "hot as f**k".

In the Breakfast Club interview, MGK claims this disagreement was "handled behind the scenes, six years ago".

"I spoke to Paul Rosenberg and his team, because that is as man-to-man as it gets with [Eminem]," says MGK.

He says he didn't know how old Hailie was when he tweeted about her and didn't feel it was disrespectful, but as a father himself, understood why he should apologise to Eminem - but felt a public apology was unwarranted.

However, he feels that Eminem took action within the music industry to limit his career as a result, so made some veiled disses against him in various tracks. This led to the 'Not Afraid' rapper attacking MGK on his latest album Kamikaze, most notably in the track 'Not Alike'.

That's what catapulted the feud into headlines recently - and it appears this beef isn't ending any time soon.