Mark Richardson stands up for 'old rich white guys' in The AM Show protest

Mark Richardson has stood up for old rich white males in a one-man protest on The AM Show on Friday.

Sitting next to newsreader Amanda Gillies, Richardson held up a sign with "old rich white guys matter too" emblazoned on it.

The sign appears to be a reference to the Black Lives Matter protest movement, which focuses on violence and racism against African Americans in the US.

But he admitted it wasn't his first attempt at writing the sign. An earlier version came with a crucial spelling mistake.

"Well yes, I forgot that matter might be spelled with two 'Ts'," Richardson replied. "I was in a hurry writing it."

"There's something wrong with his grey matter," Duncan Garner quipped.

Richardson has previously expressed his discontent with the coverage of another old rich white guy - US President Donald Trump.

"At the moment all we seem to have is a world that wants to undermine him and it's starting to draw a lot of people towards him," Richardson said on The AM Show in July.

"I'm telling you now: I'm getting driven more and more closer to this guy because of the behaviour of those who just want to undermine him at every step of the way."