Married At First Sight NZ: Brett and Angel's verdict after attending Dan's season two wedding

Not many people know what it's like to marry a complete stranger, and even fewer know what it's like to stay married to a complete stranger.

Angel Renall is one of those rare breeds, having found her happily-ever-after with husband Brett on the first season of Married At First Sight NZ.

Shortly after celebrating their one year anniversary, the MAFS golden couple attended the wedding of their mate Dan McLaughlan - who just so happens to be one of the grooms in the show's upcoming second season.

"I was like, 'Holy shit!'" Angel said of her reaction to Dan's joining the show.

"You kind of automatically have a connection with someone who's done it, because it's so crazy."

Angel and Dan at Dan's wedding.
Angel and Dan at Dan's wedding. Photo credit: MediaWorks

With the families, MAFS alumni and media all seated, Dan made his way to the front of the room to be sized up by his future in-laws during an excruciatingly long wait.

"I felt for Dan being up there," Brett said, speaking from experience.

"It's definitely a nervous situation."

Eventually, Dan was introduced to his new other half, and before anyone knew it, the nuptuals were made official: sealed with a tentative kiss on the cheek.

"They were both having anxious laughter - I feel like that's quite a good indication," Angel observed of the pair's chemistry.

"They definitely had something."

Brett agreed: "So far, so good"; but worried he and Angel could be blinded by their relentless positivity about just about everything.

"You're asking the wrong people. We're like: 'this is 100 percent going to work out!' We don't know much different," he said.

Brett and Angel Renall.
Brett and Angel Renall. Photo credit: MediaWorks

"But I mean, who really knows?" Angel conceded. Her and Brett are, after all, the only couple still standing from season one.

"You can have a great wedding day, but you never know where the story is going to take you."

"That's kind of the beauty of this journey," she added, back again with that relentless positivity.

Now one year on from their big, multi-camera shoot of a wedding day, the Renalls have bought a house, adopted a dog and are talking about starting a family.

Seems like Dan should be taking notes.

"I just think, have an open heart and an open mind," Brett said.

"You've got to accept each other for the good and the bad. Every person on this planet is different and that's what's brilliant about life."

Angel's advice is simple, sweet, and sounds a little like a beginner's surfing lesson: "Be patient, be ready to learn, and like, ride the wave with every bump."

Married At First Sight NZ season two premieres on Three Sunday, September 30 at 8.30pm.

It'll then be broadcast weekly on Sundays at 7pm, and Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30pm.