Pebbles Hooper calls out Matilda Rice over video

Some of Rice's followers thought she was mocking disabled people
Some of Rice's followers thought she was mocking disabled people Photo credit: Instagram

Pebbles Hooper, daughter of WORLD fashion designer Denise L'Estrange-Corbet, has taken aim at Bachelor winner Matilda Rice on social media.

Rice defended herself earlier this week when a number of her followers claimed she was mocking disabled people in a video she posted speaking with a lisp.

Now the video has caught the eye of Hooper, who shared a number of posts about it on her Instagram.

Hooper posted five consecutive updates calling out the Maybelline ambassador, sharing the Rice's original video with text asking: "Can someone shed light on what the f**k is going on here? Is it as gross as it comes across or am I missing something?"

In the video posted to Rice's Instagram, she is holding up a piece of artwork she made during an event called 'Try Pain Vine', where painters drink alcohol while creating their masterpiece.

In a subsequent post in text written over a closer view of Rice's face, she asked: "Like who the f**k is your agent?"

Hooper later posted an even closer picture of Rice as she appeared in the video, and stated: "Cancelled".

That post was followed up with a picture of Rice and her fiance Art Green at Colin Mathura-Jeffree's Bollywood birthday party, to which the Bachelor star donned blackface with the message: "Never forget".

On Wednesday Rice's followers questioned her video, which still appears on the influencer's feed, but she insisted she was imitating a child appearing on 7 Days' segment My Kid Could Draw That.

"Hi, my name is Matilda and this is my picture," says Rice in the video, with what appears to be a fake lisp.

"Obviously you're not nice and a dick for thinking all disabled people talk like that," one person commented.

Another said: "That's not nice mocking the disabled like that. What a dick."

"Actually I was being a child, from the 7 Days segment?! Not sure if you're seen it, but DEF not mocking anyone disabled," she retorted.

Others came to the defence of Rice, who's set to marry The Bachelor NZ star Art Green next year.

"If you knew anything about Matootles you'd know that would be the last thing she would ever do," a fan commented.

Hooper recently engaged in a bitter war of words with Dancing With The Stars contestant Jess Quinn over mummy blogger Abby Plested's controversial dog rehoming announcement.