Pink gets her own slab of personalised VB beer

Pink gets her own slab of personalised VB beer
Photo credit: Instagram - @P!nk

Pink has been gifted a slab of personalised pink VB beer after tossing them back across her 35-date Australian tour.

The singer posted photos of the iconic Victorian beer on her Instagram, sharing to her 4.9 million followers.

The all-Aussie bitter, known as Victoria Bitter, is brewed at Carlton United Breweries (CUB) in Melbourne. The brewery happened to catch her Instagram post and decided she worked up enough thirst on her tour to get a slab of her own.

During her tour she was hospitalised twice and had to postpone some of her shows, but regardless finished her tour of Australia, completing all her shows in the end.

A CUB spokesperson told The Music it was stoked to see her knocking off an ice-cold VB.

"We wanted to thank her, not only for supporting us but for fulfilling her commitments to Aussie fans after being hospitalised mid-tour. Many other musicians would have pulled the pin. But she returned to the country to give people what they'd paid for. What a legend."

The usually green label was given a Pink makeover, including the name of her tour, "Fun House".