Pink praises 'perfect place in Auckland' after 'uncool' Ponsonby bar experience

Pop superstar Pink has taken to social media to praise a Ponsonby Road bar as "the perfect place in Auckland" after lashing out at another establishment on the same street.

The 'So What' hitmaker gushed about her experience at Revelry on Instagram, posting a snap that showed her reclining on a couch at the popular watering hole. 

"I found the perfect place in Auckland," Pink wrote.

"They were closing when we came in, but the bartender had a fire lit, and booze to sell, so he welcomed all 16 of us to celebrate the end of a truly magical journey through New Zealand."

The Grammy Award-winner said she was "smitten" with Revelry, thanking the manager for making her group's experience "the best time of our lives".

Revelry's owner, Ben Taylor, says the enthusiastic recommendation from Pink "feels pretty amazing".

"It's pretty cool, eh? I'm super stoked she came in and had a great time," he said.

"It's a testament to our manager Alex Dunn, and how incredible he is."

Taylor says Dunn, who he calls "a legend", got a call asking if the bar could stay open late for a group of about 15 people, so he did - but he didn't yet know he'd be hosting an international pop star.

"They turned up at about 11 o'clock, and he just looked after them. They lounged around the fireplace and were super into it."

Taylor said he was grateful Dunn kept Pink's arrival under wraps at the time, as he's since been inundated with messages about his latest VIP customer.

"I think it's amazing that an artist so many of my friends adore came to Revelry and had such good things to say."

Pink's enthusiastic remarks come after she took aim at another Ponsonby Road bar on Twitter.

"Man I've been to some cool bars around the world, and Deadshot on Ponsonby road is not one of them," she tweeted to her nearly 32 million followers.

The singer and her 30 person entourage were turned away from the speakeasy-style hot spot as it was too full to accommodate them.

The bar said they "didn't see Pink at all", and had previously advised her team they were not able to host private events. Reportedly, they rang around other neighbouring venues on behalf of the singer to try and organise another location for her.