Revealed: Jacinda Ardern, Simon Bridges and other MPs favourite movies ever

Jacinda Ardern says her favourite film of all time is Kiwi movie The Dark Horse, while Simon Bridges says comedy The Castle is his number one.

The Prime Minister and leader of the opposition are among 10 MPs who have spoken to about their most beloved films.

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters' favourite is Pulp Fiction, Green Party co-leaders James Shaw and Marama Davidson's are Blade Runner and The Insatiable Moon, respectively, and ACT leader David Seymour's is biopic McLaren.

"Back in 2007, before I worked for Flicks, the website asked then Prime Minister Helen Clark and leader of the opposition John Key what their favourite films were," says Steve Newall, editor of

"Because Sir John Key said Johnny English, I thought now would be a good time to ask our current MPs the same question, as a new Johnny English movie is coming out and I'd like to think we could improve on that answer.

"It's pretty cool living in a country where we can bail up our parliamentarians about movies they like - and very cool that they feel comfortable opening about it. It's also a surprisingly good range of films they've chosen."

Other films cited by MPs include Napoleon Dynamite (Chlöe Swarbrick) and Seven Samurai (Ron Mark).

The full list and comments from the MPs on why they were chosen can be viewed on