Review: Night School is exceedingly average

Kevin Hart's latest vehicle Night School is an exceedingly average comedy.

A lot of the jokes miss - some in a very cringe-inducing way - but there are enough to make it easy enough to giggle along.

It's disappointing that director Malcolm D Lee hasn't delivered the goods as well as he did with Girls Trip - one of the greatest comedies of 2017.

Hart's particular schtick is ever-present in Night School and for big fans of the short comedian, that'll be enjoyable, even if it's far from one of his better films. He's outshined by co-star Tiffany Haddish, who is great despite the lacklustre writing.

Keith David is also stellar in his small supporting role.

Night School has a lot of heart, with nice messages about achieving your goals, accepting your faults and not trying to be anything other than yourself - albeit the best version of yourself.

But a lovely message doesn't make a great comedy - great jokes do. Sadly, there's not nearly enough in this.

Two stars.