Russell Crowe wants Australia to join New Zealand, with Jacinda Ardern as PM

New Zealand-born actor Russell Crowe has voiced his admiration for Jacinda Ardern, calling for her to be Prime Minister of a joint Australia and New Zealand. 

The Gladiator star, 54, said on social media Ms Ardern is "awesome", suggesting to his followers that Australia and New Zealand should join as one country and have Ms Ardern as Prime Minister. 

"Not trying to be controversial... just practical," he said. 

Crowe's tweet came in response to another by ABC News Australia radio presenter Jonathan Green. He shared an article about Ms Ardern's debut speech at the United Nations with the caption, "ladies and gentlemen the prime minister of Australia..."

In the comments, one person retorted that Australia could become the "West Island of New Zealand". Another called Ms Ardern "fab, gutsy, progressive," while describing Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison as "stale, male" and "privileged". 

Australia has been called the "coup capital of the democratic world" by the BBC, with no prime minister seeing out a full term in office since John Howard lost the 2007 election.  

"Covering Australian politics feels more like conducting a triage of the wounded and slain. The bloodletting has become so brutal that party rooms have come to resemble abattoirs," the BBC's Nick Bryant wrote.

Amid recent political chaos in Australia, some have suggested the country doesn't deserve its "Lucky Country" title and that perhaps New Zealand is a more worthy advocate. 

New Zealand's political stability was highlighted in an August editorial in the Guardian, in which comedian Peter Helliar was quoted taking a dig at Australia's turmoil.

"New Zealand, hold your Prime Minister tight tonight, you don't know how lucky you are... actually I think you do," he wrote on Twitter.

Ms Ardern was one of the first world leaders to congratulate Australia's new Prime Minister. He came to power in August after a leadership coup in which former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was voted out by his own Liberal Party.