Serial killer Alejandro Henriquez snaps after Piers Morgan questioning

This is the moment Piers Morgan comes face-to-face with cold-blooded serial killer Alejandro Henriquez.

Henriquez was handed three consecutive terms of 25 years in prison for the slaying of Lisa Ann Rodriguez, 21, Shamira Bello, 14, and Jessica Guzman, 10.

Now, he's speaking out for the first time on the new ITV series Serial Killer. Maintaining he's "not guilty" of the crimes, the convicted murderer attempts to explain his side of the story.

"Was I perfect? Far from it. Was I an angel? Far from it," he tells Morgan.

"It's sad and embarrassing to say, but I was married and I had lots of girlfriends, that was my biggest problem. But I guess as a man I did things I wasn't supposed to do.

"I had nice clothes and nice cars. Women are attracted to that. It's like a magnet."

After Morgan asks if Henriquez had been targeted in prison for murdering children, he replies "there are a lot of worse crimes in here".

Henriquez was the last person to have been seen with Jessica and was known to the other victims. He claims to have had a sexual relationship with Rodriguez - something her parents strongly deny.

But Morgan confronts him on how Henriquez could have revealed details to police only the killer would have known.

"With Jessica, the evidence you gave about the particular floral design on her underwear... the police didn't know that because they hadn't cleaned her underwear," Morgan says.

"After you said that they cleaned the heavily decomposed and filthy, dirty garment and found that yes it was floral - and they didn't know that. You had told them that."

After Henriquez attempts to defend himself, Morgan labels him a "masterful liar" - leading to a chilling moment as Henriquez displays his anger.

Afterwards, Morgan said his programme was about "getting to the truth".

"We do know there are miscarriages of justice," he told Good Morning Britain.

"That's what slightly nags in your head."


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