The Bachelor Australia S06E08: Mean girl squad gets obliterated in most dramatic episode yet

In the most dramatic episode of The Bachelor Australia yet, multiple women were given their marching orders as Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins cracked down on meanness.

Breaking from Bachelor tradition - the first lady to leave was kicked out before the rose ceremony had even started.

In the previous episode, Tenille stormed out of the mansion sobbing after a verbal assault from Romy, Cat and Alisha.

Tenille was just the latest of the contestants to be targeted by the trio. One of the other women they previously had a go at was Vanessa Sunshine, who labelled their behaviour "disgusting bullying".

After Nick heard about the nastiness, he pulled Tenille aside at the latest cocktail party to ask her to confirm what had happened.

She did not shy away from letting him know who had made her feel "super shit".

"Thank you. It will be a lot better," Nick told her.

"I look forward to seeing a happier you and a happier team here at the mansion."

He reckoned Cat was the ringleader of the mean girls and took her away to tell her to leave, immediately after speaking to Tenille.

"Cat has been causing disharmony in the mansion - there's no space for that," Nick said.

"I've limited time here and I'm starting to form good connections with these girls. It's very unsettling when I find Cat has been causing some issues... She's caused a shit-stir in the house and it's just time to go."

She wiped away tears as he explained he was kicking her out.

"I'm not going to sit here and try and convince you of who I am, because I know who I am," Cat told Nick.

"I know I'm not a bad person. I'm here for the right reasons."

She also said it was "blatantly rude" that Tenille had "bitched" to Nick and "made out that everyone else is horrible and she's the good guy."

Her cohorts agreed.

"I think Tenille knows exactly what has gone on tonight," Alisha said.

"I think she's thrown Cat under the bus... I am livid."

In the ensuing rose ceremony - Alisha herself was also sent packing. Romy was handed a rose, but chose not to accept it and also hit the road.

"I can't do this process thing - I just can't do it any more... it makes me feel sick," Romy told Nick.

He didn't appear to be worried about her decision, grinning as he said "decision made", before walking her to the car.

Tenille said the situation felt "too good to be true".




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