The Bachelor NZ's Matilda Rice hits back at claims she 'mocked the disabled'

Matilda Rice, the former star of The Bachelor NZ, has defended herself after social media users claimed she was imitating disabled people in a video. 

In the video posted to Rice's Instagram, she displays a piece of artwork she created during an event called 'Try Pain Vine', where you paint while consuming alcohol. 

"Hi, my name is Matilda and this is my picture," says Rice in the video, with what appears to be a fake lisp. 

Fans of The Bachelor NZ winner were quick to slam her for supposedly mocking disabled people by speaking with a lisp. 

"Obviously you're not nice and a dick for thinking all disabled people talk like that," one person commented. 

Another said: "That's not nice mocking the disabled like that. What a dick."

Rice defended herself, saying she was trying to imitate a child, not a disabled person - and was simply referring to an episode of Three's comedy game show 7 Days

"Actually I was being a child, from the 7 Days segment?! Not sure if you're seen it, but DEF not mocking anyone disabled," she retorted. 

Others came to the defence of Rice, who's set to marry The Bachelor NZ star Art Green next year. 

"If you knew anything about Matootles you'd know that would be the last thing she would ever do," a fan commented. 

Another said she made their night and that she gave them "the giggles".