Toto Africa marathon 'could be worse than waterboarding'

Cover art for 'Africa' by Toto
Photo credit: File

A UK venue is planning a charity night playing Toto classic 'Africa' for five hours straight, but a member of the band isn't exactly keen.

DJ Michael Savage is planning to play the song from 11pm November 30 to 4am the next day to raise money for charity, the BBC reports.

Mr Savage is raising money for Temwa, a Bristol-based charity that works to "develop self-sufficient communities" in remote parts of Malawi.

He's pretty excited about the concert, but Toto band member Steve Lukather said on Twitter it sounds torturous.

 "This could be worse than waterboarding," he wrote.

"I mean it's been GREAT for us in many ways but we recorded this as a deep cut track in 1981… You think YOU are sick of it?"

One commenter quickly responded to say they were already booked in for the gig and thought it was going to be fun, but Lukather wasn't convinced.

"I hope the body count is low, haha," he responded.


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