Twitter bans Infowars and Alex Jones for abusive behaviour

Notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his Infowars brand have been banned from Twitter for violating its abusive behaviour policy.

It's the last major social media platform to take such action, following the likes of Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Apple, Pinterest, LinkedIn, MailChimp and even YouPorn.

Jones has a history of propagating outlandish, unsubstantiated allegations about tragic events, including mass shootings and terrorist attacks.

He also tells his followers that literal demons and sinister aliens roaming the Earth, while selling various vitamins and supplements.

On Friday morning (NZ time), Twitter announced its suspension of Jones and Infowars, citing new and historical posts - but not specifying precisely what the violations were.

The company also said it will continue to evaluate reports of policy violations by other accounts "potentially associated" with Jones and Infowars.

"I was taken down not because we lie, but because we tell the truth," Jones responded in a video on his Infowars website.

He then claimed his confronting of a secret police captain "monster", along with a group of "Hispanic racist women", led to his being banned by Twitter.

Several right-wing internet personalities and political figures have hit out at the banning of Jones and Infowars from social media platforms, claiming it impinges on his right to free speech and is part of a conspiracy to silence "conservative" media.

"Big Tech's censorship campaign is really about purging all conservative media," Donald Trump Jr stated on Twitter last month.


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