Bradley Cooper in line for Oscar glory with A Star is Born

With a record-breaking soundtrack already storming the US music charts, the latest Hollywood version of the classic story A Star is Born is about to open in New Zealand cinemas.

The film is sure to be an awards darling and stars Lady Gaga in her first lead role, cast in it by first-time director Bradley Cooper.

He also co-stars, co-wrote the screenplay and many of the songs and cast the entire film - so to say it was a passion project is kind of an understatement.

"One braces oneself for the worst case scenario, you know what I mean?" Cooper tells Newshub.

"So that's what I was bracing myself for, especially when you do something so personal. And especially when it's something so many people have told you not to do - which I would have told me not to do, too. You know, the fourth remake of A Star is Born - why, bro?"

The box office and reviews are already justifying the "why, bro". It's also currently the odds-on favourite to win Best Picture at the 2019 Oscars, according to film award prediction website Gold Derby.

The soundtrack has just debuted at number one on the US album charts. The song 'Shallow' racked up close to 40 million views on Gaga's YouTube account in just two weeks.

Cooper's job as an actor has made him famous. He says his personal relationship with fame greatly informed A Star is Born, and the character of Jackson.

"Whenever you co-write, or come up with an idea and then make it, I don't know any other way than for it come from a personal place," he says.

"So yes, absolutely - certainly Jackson's relationship to fame mirrors mine, for sure. It's not something he really thinks about, it doesn't bother him when someone wants to take a photo, but each character has their own relationship to fame - purposefully - in the movie."

Cooper's attention to detail extended to his supporting cast, in both the big and small roles. One of those is Kiwi singer-songwriter and recent Silver Scroll winner Marlon Williams.

The Hangover star says he was introduced to the 'Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore' singer via his car radio.

"I bought tickets and went to the Troubadour and saw him play and he blew me away," says Cooper.

"I knew there was this part of the movie where I was going to write this supergroup thing at the Grammys. I thought, it's a Roy Orbison tribute and I can get Marlon Williams to come and do a cover of 'Pretty Woman'.

"He was kind enough to meet, and we recorded it with Brandi Carlile. And he's a very good actor... he was wonderful. What a rock star."

A Star is Born opens in New Zealand cinemas Thursday.