Eminem becomes comic-book villain Venom in latest music video

Channelling his anger from his feud with Machine Gun Kelly, Eminem appears as the ferocious Venom in his new music video.

After appearing on his August album Kamikaze and the soundtrack of the film of the same name, Eminem's song 'Venom' now has a music video.

At the end of Eminem's video for his previous track 'Fall', a cracked and broken copy of Eminem's 2017 album 'Revival' is left on a sidewalk, seemingly laced with a black sludge.

Following on from that video, 'Venom' opens with the slimy substance revealed as the Venom Symbiote, a liquid-like sentient alien that needs a host to survive.

The rest of the video sees others characters become possessed by the extra-terrestrial, interweaved with shots of Eminem rapping, before he too gets infested and transforms into the famous character.

British actor Tom Hardy plays the destructive comic-book character in the film, which was released yesterday (NZ Time).

But after his feud with rapper Machine Gun Kelly, Eminem has shown enough fury and anger to give him a good shot at the role.

The appearance of the damaged copy of 'Revival' is a reference to the overwhelmingly negative reaction to the album, which Eminem has referred to as a motivation to come back with a better album.