Friday the 13th to be rebooted by LeBron James - report

Friday the 13th to be rebooted by LeBron James, according to reports.
Photo credit: Getty; Paramount Pictures

Basketball legend LeBron James may be resurrecting the Friday the 13th movie franchise, according to reports.

The NBA star's production company, SpringHill Entertainment, is in talks to acquire rights to the classic slasher films for a reboot, along with Vertigo Entertainment, according to Variety.

The report comes as the latest Halloween movie has proven a massive box office success, pulling in US$77 million over opening weekend and breaking a number of records in the process.

No writer, director or cast details have yet been released, but it's expected a new Friday the 13th would centre on mass murderer Jason Voorhees, who has been the franchise's primary villain since the second film and infamously worn a hockey mask since the third.

Friday the 13th was last rebooted in 2009, which marked the 12th film in the series, if 2003's Freddy vs Jason is included.

Jamie Lee Curtis, the lead star of both the 1978 and 2018 Halloween movies, took to Twitter over the weekend to celebrate the new film's box office success, leading to a delightful exchange with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson that has been widely shared.

SpringHill Entertainment is also working on a Space Jam sequel.