Joaquin Phoenix Joker film extras locked in subway car, forced to pee on tracks - report

Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker.
Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker. Photo credit: Youtube - Mr H Reviews

Extras from the set of the new Joaquin Phoenix film Joker have filed a complaint with the Screen Actors' Guild after spending hours locked in a subway car and being forced to pee on the tracks.

The group claim they spent more than three hours locked in the car despite requests for union-mandated breaks, TMZ reports.

They banged on the doors asking to be let out because people needed the bathroom, but their requests fell on deaf ears.

Instead they had to pee on the tracks in the small spaces between the subway carts.

The Screen Actors Guild was told about the break violation and a representative was sent to the set to resolve the situation.

TMZ reports the union will continue to monitor the situation.

Warner Brothers, the studio making the movie, told TMZ it's investigating the incident.