John Mayer puts the number of people he's slept with at a 'soft 500'

John Mayer has made some shocking claims about his sex life during a live broadcast of his unofficial Instagram show Current Mood.

The 'Your Body Is A Wonderland' singer sat down with actress Cazzie David to discuss his sex life, including the number of people he's slept with.

"Blink once if you have slept with over 500 people," David asked the musician, whose exes include Katy Perry, Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift. 

Mayer stared unblinking into the camera, but later referred to himself as being in the "soft 500 gang".

He also claimed that his celebrity status gave him insight into the female experience. 

"[This] might put me into a little bit of a deeper understanding about what it's like to be a woman in that yes, I could have sex with somebody at any given moment," he said.

"I think being a famous man is somewhat similar to be a beautiful woman, which means yes, there is access, there's very seldom any desire."

The Grammy Award-winner also claimed that he suffers more rejection these days, referring to himself as "PR poison" when it comes to relationships.

In his single 'New Light', released earlier this year, 41-year-old Mayer sings about "pushing 40 in the friend zone".