Lady Gaga's engagement ring valued at NZ$1.5 million

Lady Gaga's engagement ring valued at NZ$1.5 million
Photo credit: Getty

A star has definitely been worn with Lady Gaga's stunning seven carat pink engagement ring being valued at over NZ$1.5 million.

After Gaga, 32, confirmed her engagement to her agent Christian Carino, 49, fans have realised she has been wearing her engagement ring for months, reports the Daily Mail.

Rumours of the couple's engagement first cropped up back in November 2017, but because Gaga has neither confirmed nor denied, fans have been speculating about the status of the relationship.

Things heated up recently with the release of A Star Is Born featuring Gaga and actor Bradley Cooper, with many fans shipping the pair and forgetting about Carino.

But at the Women in Hollywood wards, Gaga confirmed the engagement by thanking Carino as her finance when being honoured.

Katie Zimmerman, the chief merchandising officer for diamond jewellers Blue Nile, estimates the ring is worth about US$1 million if it is a pink diamond.

"The pink stone could either be a fancy pink diamond or pink sapphire," she told the Daily Mail. "Looking at the photographs of the ring, the intensity and saturation of colour in the pink stone and brilliance in all the stones framing it indicate excellent quality".

The use of a coloured diamond or gemstone is popular with the royal family, with Prince Charles giving a blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds to Princess Diana for their engagement. That ring now graces the finger of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Gaga will have plenty of time to show the ring off, with the star expected to be appearing on the red carpet for many months to come to promote her new film and campaign for a potential Academy Award nomination and win for her performance.