Married At First Sight NZ star Dan opens up about PTSD over Christchurch quake

  • 16/10/2018

Married at First Sight NZ's Dan McLaughlan emotionally opened up in the latest episode about his Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) following the Christchurch earthquake. 

The groom, who now lives in Wellington, was in Christchurch when the 2011 earthquake struck.

Dan revealed the stress of the quakes "triggered a few epileptic shocks and a little bit of PTSD as well after that".

His bride, Yuki Sato, lives in Christchurch - so the couple travelled to the city on the show. 

It was the first time Dan had been back since the earthquakes struck and he was visibly affected. 

They were seen driving around Christchurch as Dan explained that the PTSD meant he had to quit his job. 

"My dad had to pick me up from Christchurch to drive me up to Wellington because I couldn't even drive the car," he said. 

Landing back in Christchurch, Dan said "it kind of bought back those memories just a little bit but with Yuki being there it actually means a lot".

The episode used footage taken from inside a car that captured Dan working out where he exactly was in Christchurch. 

"I know where I am," he said. "I remember seeing that New World, I've been to that New World."

Yuki said she was honoured that Dan told him everything before they made it to Christchurch. 

"I will be there for him and I'm sure he'll be fine," she said.  

She added that she had a lot of respect to him for being brave and coming back to Christchurch. 

Sure enough, Yuki did help Dan in Christchurch and the couple were shown having a good laugh together when he met her dog.