Married At First Sight NZ: Wayne denies Ksenia ever apologised to him

Wayne McIntosh from Married At First Sight NZ says his 'wife' Ksenia Smorodinova never apologised to him, despite what she said in a radio interview.

Earlier this week, Ksenia spoke to More FM about how she was portrayed on the show, admitting she thought she had been "mean" to Wayne.

"It was difficult for me to watch," she said.

"I sent him a text message and I apologised for that... he texted me back."

In a Facebook Live interview broadcast on Friday, Wayne told Newshub that wasn't how he saw it.

"She did message me - she explained that she was mean," he said.

"As far as an apology goes, I don't know where we lost that in translation."

When asked for clarification on what the text message said, Wayne replied, "Definitely not the word 'sorry'".

The reality TV groom added that it was something he would be following up with Ksenia.

"It's something I've got to bring up with her, especially if she's going to go on radio and mention it," he said.

"I'd rather [people know the] the facts as it actually happened."

Wayne said the situation could be an example of the "culture difference" he and his Russian-born co-star experienced throughout the experiment.

During the couple's honeymoon, Ksenia joked that she would drive her husband off a cliff in a golf cart and said his "chat" was "fricken boring".

Despite the difficulties, Wayne said he went into "protection mode" for his on-screen spouse as he was worried about the public backlash she'd face.

In her More FM interview, Ksenia told listeners, "I'm not that mean," adding that she thought some of her comments on the show had been edited down.

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