Netflix to allow viewers to choose their own endings

Netflix is reportedly planning to deliver multiple endings for some of its TV shows, with viewers able to choose which one they'd like.

Starting with a Black Mirror episode said to be released before the end of 2018, the streaming service will give customers the ability to participate in a choose-your-own-adventure style of story that will determine the outcome of that episode.

Netflix hasn't confirmed the report, which originated at Bloomberg.

The move into digital pick-a-path style entertainment would represent a big bet on a relatively new form of entertainment known as interactive TV.

As Netflix expands globally, the company is looking for new ways to lure customers and combining elements of video games with traditional television is one of them.

Interactive TV is a resource-heavy medium to produce, with everyone involved in making the TV show having to be employed long enough to produce each potential story branch.

However, if Netflix manages to pull it off and its huge customer base responds well, interactive TV could be the way of the future - and that wouldn't be the first time Netflix instigated major changes to the television industry.