Ottie from MAFS NZ on the assault that ended a friendship

  • 02/10/2018

A contestant from Married At First Sight NZ has admitted she once assaulted a close friend.

Ottie Schwartz appeared in the second episode of Three's reality show on Monday, in which she was paired up with new husband Gareth Noble.

Ahead of a scheduled interview on Tuesday evening, The Project received an upsetting email from an old friend of Ottie named Olivia. She said their friendship ended after a fight of theirs turned physical, leaving her with scratches.

Live on air, Ottie opened up about the allegations and confirmed they did happen.

"I had a big falling out with a really close friend of mine and we ended up crossing paths at a gas station," she explained.

"It got very heated. There was some slinging and I ended up pulling her hair - not a fine moment of mine. I wrote her an apology at the time and that still stands. I'm still really sorry about it."

Olivia used the word "assault" to describe the confrontation, which Ottie didn't deny.

"I lost my cool completely. It was eight years ago. I've grown a lot since then - not up but in my heart. I'm still really sorry about it, and embarrassed."

The violent incident ended their friendship, and the two haven't spoken since.

Ottie said she disclosed the incident to the producers before filming began.

"I make mistakes like most people do. I think that I still deserve to find love, and I've been really upfront about even the ugly parts of myself, and I'm sure I'll make more mistakes."

She also had "full disclosure" with Gareth, whom she says she bonded with when they both shared their pasts.

"I own every part of me, I really do. Everyone has a story and mine is full of all sorts of things."


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