Review: Lady Gaga is a revelation in A Star is Born

You've heard all about it, you've watched and listened to this soundtrack on repeat and now you can go see Gaga and Cooper on the big screen in A Star is Born.

Cooper is Jackson Maine, his rock star career on a slow downward slide, his drinking on quite the opposite trajectory.

When he stumbles drunkenly into an LA bar late one night, he discovers Ally (Gaga).

He will give her the springboard she needs to face her fear of the stage, as he falls in love with her music, and they fall in love with each other.

A star is born, but Ally's path to fame and her path to happiness are two very divergent things. Jackson has been on self-destruct his whole life, choosing to lubricate the pain. Ally's becomes his shining beacon of hope.

You don't need me to tell you to take a backpack full of handkerchiefs to the cinema - prepare to be well and truly rinsed by the time the final credits roll.

Gaga is a revelation, Cooper's on-screen presence matched by the restraint and tenderness of his storytelling as director.

Watch it now, then watch it roll through to Oscar season.

Five stars.