Royal Tour: Baby frenzy takes hold of Sydney

Move aside Jacinda Ardern and Neve - a new star's on the stage of international motherhood.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's secret is out and it's the talk of the town from here to London.

The Duchess of Sussex's pregnancy was the only topic of conversation during their first walkabout in Sydney on Tuesday.

With gifts from Australia's Governor General, the royal baby shower was officially launched. Presents included a kangaroo and joey for the parents-to-be, and some baby Ugg boots for the one on the way.

Onlookers searched for a baby bump with each of the Duchess' twists and turns.

The only ones not staring were those who have the couple's backs: security detail included snipers on the roof of the Opera House.

The parenthood symbols kept coming wherever they went. Prince Harry stroked a koala at Sydney's Taronga Zoo which turned out to have a new baby of her own.

Fans from all generations flocked to the streets to catch a glimpse of the couple, including 98-year-old Daphne Dunne who got to meet the Prince for a third time.

Sethunya Gibbons, 9, also made a big impression with her t-shirt which read 'girls can do anything'. Prince Harry was so taken with the statement he called his wife over to meet her too, and Meghan told Sethunya she was the spitting image of herself at a young age.

Australian TV networks have gone from bumper coverage to bump coverage, and the Americans are excited too - it's half theirs, after all.

Meghan's mother in California was in on the secret, but only the closest of Harry's kin were told so as not to overshadow Princess Eugenie's marriage this past weekend.

But babies - and note the plural - were always the plan, so Monday's news was no surprise at all for those who knew where to look.