Sam Neill 'laughing like a drunk hyena' at comparison to Brazilian presidential frontrunner Jair Bolsonaro

Sam Neill and Jair Bolsonaro - or is it the other way around?
Sam Neill and Jair Bolsonaro - or is it the other way around? Photo credit: Getty

Kiwi acting legend Sam Neill appears to be first in line to portray Brazil's likely next President if there's ever a film made about his life.

His striking resemblance to Jair Bolsonaro, the far-right frontrunner in Brazil's presidential election, was noted by a fan on Twitter.

"Could we ask Sam Neill to take Bolsonaro's chair?"asked Gunilla Leffler. "He might do a better job."

Neill didn't deny the uncanny resemblance.

"Having now stopped laughing like a drunk hyena for too long at this, I am now filled with an existential horror I cannot fully describe," the Jurassic Park star wrote.

Other fans agreed with Ms Leffler, urging the universe to put Neill in charge of the world's fifth-biggest country.

"As a terrified Brazilian, would very much like that," said Leonardo Mescal.

"I'm sorry for that comparison, sir. You didn't deserve this," said Bruninha Piovani. "Although, I'm certain that you would do a much better job indeed."

"Sam, you are way better looking," said @trish_dale4.


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